William J. Jamison|missing since 3/27/81

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Contact Information

Information concerning this case can be provided directly to the Roselle Park (NJ) Police Department at (908) 245-2300. The case is being handled by Chief of Police Warren Wielgus.

The William J. Jamison Message Area (visit)

The Jamison family maintains an online message area where information about Bill's case can be discussed. It is free and easy to use. To read and contribute to a discussion about the case visit the message area.

New: Combined DNA Index System (CODIS) at the FBI (visit)

It has been brought to the attention of the Jamison Family that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) maintains a significant DNA database for use by Law Enforcement. This program is known as the Combined DNA Index System, or CODIS. CODIS began in 1990 and the FBI's National DNA Index System (NDIS), the highest level in the CODIS hierarchy, became operational in 1998.

49 states (the only exception being Mississippi), Puerto Rico, the US Army, and the FBI are all NDIS participants. Currently, there are close to two million profiles, the largest majority of which are for Convicted Offenders Profiles; a smaller number (but still many thousands) are of Forensic Profiles. Unidentified Persons are included, and much of the information provided by the states precedes the initiation of CODIS, and in some cases goes as far back as the 1970s.

Detailed information can be obtained by visiting the FBI's CODIS website.

Families of Missing Persons are encouraged to visit this website, and to contact local and/or state Law Enforcement, to request a DNA comparison. A valid NCIC number must be assigned to the Missing Person.

Child Protection Education of America, Inc. (visit)

The Child Protection Education of America, Inc. works as an advocate for America's missing children. The organization maintains a website (at http://www.find-missing-children.org), where Bill Jamison's case-file is listed along with many others. The organization also offers a phone number, (866) USA-CHILD, where anyone can report sightings or learn more about the work being done to find missing children.

The Doe Network (visit)

The Doe Network helps to publicize cases of unexplained disappearance. The organization, online at http://doenetwork.bravepages.com, serves as a database for information about multiple cases - including Bill Jamison, who is Doe Network case-file 815DMNJ. The Doe Network site is worth visiting for anyone interested in helping to solve cases of missing persons and/or unexplained disappearance.

New Jersey State Police and Office of the Attorney General (visit)

The New Jersey Office of the Attorney General / Dept. of Law and Public Safety hosts a New Jersey State Police Missing Persons Case File database. Bill's case is listed among many others. Visit for complete information about instances of missing persons and unsolved disappearance in New Jersey. The New Jersey State Police Missing Persons Unit can also be reached directly, at (800) 709-7090.

Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association (visit)

Bill served as a helicopter pilot in Vietnam with Company A, 227th Assault Helicopter Battalion, 1st Cavalry. The Jamison family has contacted the Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association in an effort to locate members of the Armed Services who served with Bill in Vietnam. The VHPA website is worth a visit. Several other sites also provide information on the 227th - there is an excellent history of the Battalion at Masher.org, and an online forum for discussion about the Battalion at RvnAir.com.

Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund (visit)

The Jamison family has contacted Jan Scruggs, the Founder and President of the Vietnam Veterans Memborial Fund, and the force behind "The Wall" Memorial in Washington, D.C., to determine if the organization can assist in bringing attention to the needs of the families like Bill Jamison's. There are currently 270,000 veterans who are missing from their families. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund can be visited online.

AMVETS (visit) & Vietnam Veterans of America (visit)

AMVETS is a 60 year-old organization providing help and support to the community of American Veterans. The organization sponsors programs, donates volunteer time, and promotes public policy to assist Veterans' causes. AMVETS can be visited online at AMVETS.org.

Vietnam Veterans of America, Inc., is a not-for-profit organization focusing exclusively on the needs of Vietnam-era veterans and their families. The organization aids and assists veterans and veterans' groups through education, research, and advocacy. VVA, Inc. maintains a website at VVA.org.

An additional resource for US Army and military information is the Army Times, a publication focusing on issues pertaining to the US Army, soldiers, and their families. The Army Times maintains a website at ArmyTimes.com.

The Citizen's Crime Commission of Delaware Valley, PA (visit)

The Citizen's Crime Commission is a Delaware Valley, Pennsylvania, based organization that, in their own words, "collects anonymous information about criminal activity in the Delaware Valley and passes it on to the appropriate authorities." The Jamison family lived in Glenside, PA, and many went to school and worked in Philadelphia, PA; both locations are a within the five-county Delaware Valley scope of the Citizen's Crime Commission. The family of Bill Jamison has contacted the CCC in an effort to share information about his case. The Citizen's Crime Commission can be visited online.